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From the moment we were conceived, our health has been a large issue in our lives. After all, our mothers were taking pre-natal vitamins and receiving ultrasounds more for our sake than their own. Unfortunately, however, many people don't know where to go to find information on particular diseases or how to find support groups for individuals afflicted with these medical ailments. Additionally, people don't know how often they should see specialists such as dermatoligists, gynecologists, etc., for well-patient visits. And, of course, how do you know you are getting a qualified and respected plastic surgeon for that breast augmentation you've always wanted?

Fortunately, the invention of the Internet has opened up a powerful new resource tool for the common man/woman. There are sites out there catered to individuals without specialized medical degrees and explain things such as risks, procedures, symptoms, prognosis, etc., without a lot of medical jargon. Who knows? You might even be able to find the answer to that baffling medical question you've always been too embarrassed to ask your doctor.

Your Health in Cyberspace: Where to Go

Welcome to "Your Health in Cyberspace: Where to Go." This short article will give you an idea of what resources our website, www.factexpert.com, has to offer, as well as an idea of what health issues you should be concerned with due to your age, weight, family history, etc. While it is certainly encouraged to spend time searching other medical websites for information and speaking to your health care provider, our website is an excellent place to start your inquiries and build your knowledge database.

FactExpert (www.factexpert.com) is adding new articles daily. Currently, we are working on articles about cosmetic surgery in various large cities, health disparities, health retreats, health kinesiology, and the health belief model, though many other categories will be added in the near future. Please rest assured that all of our information comes from reliable sources; for example, the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is used as the main reference in our articles on cosmetic procedures.

If you are interested in your general health but aren't quite sure what you should be most concerned about, remember that one of the largest health problems in America is heart disease, which generally occurs in patients who are overweight, over forty, and have a family history of the disease. Diabetes is also a major factor in this age group. Remember, too, that members of all age groups and both sexes should be well-informed on the symptoms of cancers of the reproductive systems. Finally, it is always a good idea to do research before undergoing any medical procedure, whether mandatory or elective.

Using the general guidelines outlined above, you should be able to find everything you need to know about your health with a few hours of searching. Good luck!