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The Roots of Health Kinesiology

As more and more Americans are becoming overmedicated and relying on chemicals and drugs to cure or treat their medical problems, health kinesiology is a treatment option that is gradually gaining in popularity due to its emphasis on a different method of dealing with health concerns. Traditional and natural medical therapies have been around for hundreds of years, but they continually fail to gain respect from many medical professionals and the general public.

It seems that if the remedy does not involve a drug-related cure, then it is deemed ineffective, hokey, and akin to an old wife’s tale. However, the reality is that long before we had an extensive selection of drugs at our disposal, people developed cures and treatments for common ailments that were not only effective but also focused on treating the body as a whole and maintaining an overall wellbeing.

An Explanation of Health Kinesiology

Health kinesiology is one contemporary example of a treatment option that is very effective but often not well-known or respected. However, the good news is that in recent times an increasing number of medical professionals have recognized the value of this holistic treatment and therapy and are attempting to disseminate information about its use and effectiveness to patients.

Essentially, health kinesiology is focused on restoring the energy system balance in a person’s body. Instead of relying on the patient to relay information about symptoms and conditions, health kinesiology first tests the muscles—by applying light pressure and monitoring the response—in order to find the problem areas.

Examples of health kinesiology therapies are magnets, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, and thought. Health kinesiology techniques can be used to determine allergies, help with nutritional imbalances, deal with phobias and psychological stress, and facilitate detoxification. The primary characteristics of health kinesiology are the treatment of the individual, a focus on the whole person, an interest in natural therapies, and a suitability for people of all ages and conditions.

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