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Significant Disparities in American Health

Anyone who lives in the United States today can attest to the reality that all Americans do not experience complete and total equality in every circumstance, and health disparities are only one example of this continuing social problem. Although continuing medical developments and technological advances have made great strides in overcoming serious health issues and promoting better health nationwide, the fact remains that not everyone is enjoying an overall improvement in health.

There are still many groups throughout the country that are affected disproportionately and suffer from alarming health disparities in relation to frequency of illness and death, types of certain illnesses and ailments, and other health concerns. The primary groups affected by these health disparities continue to be population minorities, such as African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, and American Indians.

Health Disparities: A Recognized Problem

The good news in the discussion of health disparities is that it is a recognized problem that is receiving growing attention from important health organizations, such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In the interest of equality and the promotion of better public health that is not restricted to only certain population groups, many health professionals and organizations are making serious efforts and implementing conscientious programs to address these disparities.

Because certain minority groups have a greater occurrence of and susceptibility to certain illnesses or health problems, many of the new health programs are focused on engaging these minority groups in the effort to prevent or better treat the most malicious and common diseases. In addition, it should be noted that new, minority-specific programs are not the only weapon against health disparities. Health professionals work daily to modify and adapt existing programs to make them more accessible and relevant to minority populations and to aid in increasing health awareness among these minority groups. It is hoped that the new focus on this social health problem will gradually decrease the health disparities between majority and minority groups in the United States.

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